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I grew up loving music and playing in bands since the 4th or 5th grade. I had the same dreams that many of today's successful artists had/have, and that was to be a rock star. I used to lock myself in my bedroom and play for hours on end (I'm sure my parents didn't care for the noise) And like many of you, there were a few occasions when the police were called for disturbing the peace.

I moved from playing in my bedroom to summer days in the basement of my friends house was where my music was influenced the most, and my dreams came to life- if only in my head. But, I was a happy kid nonetheless with big dreams.

Around the same time that I connected with music, I picked up my first camera and fell in love with taking pictures.

Later when I attended college, I studied photography and movie production. I worked as a teacher's aid at my local college in the photography lab to earn some extra money to buy books and pay for gas. Being a teachers assistant also allowed me to work on personal photo projects anytime I wanted.

I continued playing music and doing photography on the side as a hobby, but, there came a time when playing music had to take a back-seat to photography.

Sometime around 2006, my interest in writing gave me an opportunity to work as a staff writer and photographer for a local paper. That chance pointed me in a new direction, and a love of photojournalism.

After several years of working for the paper, my love of music crept up again, and wouldn't let go, so I started shooting bands and haven't looked back since.

I'm now an independent photographer, for weddings, real estate, corporate, portrait/lifestyle, and events and concerts; available for hire, anywhere, and everywhere.

March of 2011 - I'm back to playing music again, in a band called Montreux (classic rock-n-roll covers)

June/July of 2011 - My 3rd passion is travel, and I will be launching my agency on June 29, and a hard launch on July 22! Magic Vacation Planners.

Contact me at: and lets talk about your next tour or promo shoot!

Thanks for keeping my dreams alive!